Homemade Confetti Drop

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You can drop confetti on a waiting crowd through a variety of homemade methods. From a simple overturned net that dumps large quantities at once to a gentle, snowing effect that slowly and lightly coats the event area, there are many simple ways to add this glittering, elegant effect to your event.



Use a large cloth net for a simple, immediate confetti drop effect. Hang a large cloth net like a hammock above the event area. Fill the net with confetti, rose petals, balloons, or other light decorations. Don't use objects that could injure someone standing below the net. Tie a long rope or cable from one edge of the net. The imbalance caused by pulling on the rope will cause the net to overturn.


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Add multiple ropes to the net to create a party activity. Allow participants to pull on each of the ropes, one at a time, until the net overturns.

Snowfall Effect

A gentle snowfall effect can be created out of a cloth net or series of small boxes. These devices offer a slow, gentle confetti drop that lasts longer than the net or balloon methods.


To create a snowfall effect using a net, secure a large piece of cloth between two long poles. Cut thin slits in the cloth that run perpendicular to the poles. Fill the cloth with confetti and hang the poles above the event area. Attach two long ropes to each of the poles. Throughout the event, an operator must alternate pulling on the two ropes. This will cause the poles to move the cloth, pushing the confetti around and allowing some to drop through the cuts in the fabric.


Use a series of small cardboard boxes to rain confetti on the crowd. Cut small slits in the bottom of the boxes and string several boxes on a long rope. Fill each box with confetti. For a grander effect, use multiple ropes strung with confetti-laden boxes. Throughout the event, operators will pull on the ends of the ropes, causing the boxes to rock back and forth so that confetti falls through the cuts in the bottom.



Fill several large balloons with confetti. This is done by stretching the balloon and then using a funnel to insert confetti. When it is sufficiently full, shake the confetti to the bottom of the balloon and proceed to fill the balloon with helium.


To release the confetti, shoot the balloons with a pellet gun or burst them with a needle attached to a broom handle.

For a reverse effect, firmly secure strips of thumbtacks to the ceiling. Keep helium-filled balloons anchored to the ground throughout the event. Release them to allow them to float to the ceiling, popping on the tacks as they arrive.



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