Homemade Football Costumes

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If you are looking for a simple-to-make, inexpensive costume for Halloween, create a football costume. Making a homemade football costume requires little-to-no craft skill and in some cases little-to-no money. You only need a few things from around your house and maybe an item or two from a second-hand shop.



Football players wear jerseys when they play. If you do not already have a jersey to wear, look for an old one at a second-hand shop or make one at home. To make one, take an old V-neck T-shirt and glue felt numbers on the front, back and sleeves. Choose colors for the jersey and letters to match the colors of your favorite team.


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Not everyone has a pair of the lace-up pants that football players wear, but if you want your costume to look authentic, you need them. Take a pair of white leggings and cut them at the knee. Capri leggings work as well. To make them look like they lace up, make faux strings by cutting "x" shapes out of brown felt. Glue the cut-outs length-wise down the front of the crotch where the laces would be on a pair of football pants.


Helmet and Finishing Touches

If you don't have a football helmet, look for one at a second-hand shop. Paint the helmet the color of your choosing and add team stickers and numbers. You will also need a pair of cleats or black sneakers. To finish off your homemade football costume, use black face paint to make a line under each eye.



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