Get Well Care Package Ideas

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Send get-well care packages when those close to you get sick.

Unfortunately, those dear to you will experience sickness, injury or depression from time to time. Sending get-well care packages assures them that they are not alone. During these times, a get-well care package shows that you care for your friend or family member and wish him a speedy recovery.


Comfort Food

Include comfort foods.

Select a number of "comfort food" items to include in your get-well care package. Some items you should consider including are microwavable packages of soup, packets of hot tea, crackers and cookies. Tightly pack all the food items in your package if you are shipping it. Place smaller items on the top of heavier items, and wrap each fragile food item, such as crackers or cookies, in bubble wrap.


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Light Reading

Pack a few light books.

If your friend or family member is sick, she will likely spend an ample amount of time in bed. Pack a few light novels, such as mysteries or romances, in her care package. Consider adding a few magazines, such as celebrity gossip, fashion, sports or decorating themes, as well.



Pack some DVDs.

When you are under the weather, you may spend a lot of time channel surfing. Unfortunately, the endless amounts of talk shows, news programs and sitcom reruns can become tedious after only a few hours. Add a couple of DVDs of the recipient's favorite movie and TV series. He will have something comforting to watch and will not be stuck channel surfing through mindless drivel during his sickness.


Comfort Items

Comforting items like slippers or blankets can make them feel more comfortable while they're sick.

Small items, such as sleep masks, heat packs and blankets, can make her feel more comfortable while she is sick. Include items that will give her a sense of comfort while dealing with the physical discomfort of sickness. Consider adding such items as flavored cough drops, mentholated rub, lip balm and hand lotion.



Puzzle Books

Puzzle books will keep their mind engaged.

Sudoku, word find and crossword puzzle books will help keep his mind engaged while his body is recovering. Do not just limit yourself to what you can find in the checkout line at the local supermarket--consider adding trivia and quote books, too.


Reminders of Childhood

Silly reminders of childhood are always nice.

When you are sick, sometimes all you want is a little nurturing. Although you cannot always play "mom" to your sick friend or family member, you can bring back the joys of childhood by placing a few childhood staples in her care package. Such items as Silly Putty, yo-yos and paddleballs are silly but will bring a smile to her face when she opens the package.



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