Tie-Dye Techniques for Pants

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Tie-dye is a dying technique for fabric. Fabric is tied tightly, then dyed. The tied areas leave a pattern on the fabric. Fabric can be tie-dyed, then sewn into a garment or a finished garment can be tie-dyed. It can create an interesting look for pants. There are many different techniques for tie-dying. For each technique it is best to soak the pants in water before dying. This causes the fabric to expand, making the tied areas more resistant to the dye.


Folded Technique

Folding pants and tie-dying them creates a linear pattern. Take your pants and fold 2 inches over on one leg lengthwise. Flip the leg over and fold the other way. Continue to do this accordion style of folding. Once the leg is completely folded tie string around the leg approximately 4 inches apart all the way up and down the leg. Make sure the string is tied tightly to keep the folds into place. Repeat with the other leg.

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Crumpled technique

This technique will give your pants a splotchy, random look. Crumple your pants into a ball. Wrap string tightly around the ball to secure it. Cut the string and tie tightly. Continue to do this cutting the string and tying. It is important to have many strings holding the ball together if the string comes undone there will be other strings holding it in place.


Wrapping technique

Using a wrapping technique creates ring patterns throughout the pants. Pull a piece of fabric from the leg of the pants up. Wrap a piece of string tightly around the fabric about 4 inches down. Wrap the string at least 3 times then tie tightly. Repeat this in many different locations on the legs of the pants. Be careful not to grab 2 layers of fabric at once.

Leg wrapping

Wrapping the legs with string leaves the legs with a random line pattern. Start at the bottom of one leg. Wrap the leg tightly. Continue to wrap the leg of the pant all the way to the crotch of the pants then wrap the string back down the leg. Remember to continue to wrap tightly. Tie the string off at the bottom of the pant leg. Repeat with the other leg.