Things to Do at a Sweet Sixteen Party

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Sweet sixteen parties are a big deal, especially for girls. With the popularity of shows like "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV, the bashes have gotten out of control and have gained even more popularity. Many teens want their parties to be filled with fun activities that will impress their friends and create a memorable day. However, these activities should also be age-appropriate so as not to upset any parents.


Murder Mystery Dinner

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Host a murder mystery dinner where each guest is a character (each is given a card with information about their character). Guests spend the evening trying to solve who killed "Guest X." Have the theme of the murder mystery involve a teen-related activity such as murder at a prom, a football game or during science class with an experiment gone wrong.

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Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

Have a Polaroid scavenger hunt. Break into teams and give each team a Polaroid camera as well as a list of items they have to photograph with themselves (or at least one member of the team). This could send them all over town or all over the neighborhood. The more wild and unusual the things on the list, the more exciting the game will be.


16 Candles Lighting Ceremony

This is a special way for the birthday girl to honor her guests. Have a candle-lighting ceremony to honor the 16 people who are most important to her and have had the most influence on her life. Get 16 candles. The birthday girl should make a list of the 16 people and say a couple lines about each one, explaining why she chose them. One by one, the 16 people should come up and light one candle. At the end of the ceremony the birthday girl will be surrounded by the people she loves and cares about most.



Have a dance-off. Play music and have two people start the dance-off. The person who receives the loudest round of applause or cheering for their freestyle dancing moves on to the next round. Then have another set of contestants try their skills. One person must control the music and time it so each pair of people dances for a specific amount of time, such as 45 seconds. The guests determine who wins, and he or she is crowned dance champion.


Summer Pool Party

Have a summer pool party. Have a water balloon fight. Or break up into teams and play water volleyball. Another fun game is limbo in the pool--see how low people can go while in the water (the regular rules do apply).


Spa Pampering

Have a spa party. Set up several stations for the girls to make themselves beautiful. Or hire specialists to give all the girls treatments, including manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and makeup. They will look and feel beautiful as they spend the day just being girls.



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