Poster Ideas for a High School Homecoming Court Election

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You've been nominated to the homecoming court and now need to make a poster as part of your campaign efforts. Your student council will more than likely have special regulations about how many posters you can have, where you can hang them and how much you are allowed to spend. Once you know the rules, let your creativity help your personality shine.


Take Pride in Your Poster

Those who show professionalism with their posters will get more respect from their fellow students. Don't slap your yearbook picture on a poster board and use a permanent marker to say "vote 4 me." Whether you use a computer desktop publishing program or pencil in stencil letters and a layout, take time to make your poster look good. As part of the homecoming court, you will be representing your entire class as someone who demonstrates pride in her class and school. Make sure you show some pride in yourself and your election campaign.


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Don't try to be someone you aren't. If you have found yourself as part of the group up for nomination, then you should be confident in what you bring to the table. It doesn't matter whether you are a jock, studious or one of the popular crowd. Even if you are the class clown, use this to your advantage. Make a tag line that reflects who you are with a picture that shows people you are friendly and able to represent the whole class.


Tag lines give people insight into your personality, your world view and/or your cleverness. Look for ways to incorporate your mascot and homecoming theme into your tag line to show your spirit. "Broncos scream 'in your dreams,' Dylan seems - your perfect King." Some of the most creative ideas might seem a bit uncool, but remember that those who confidently take a chance usually reap the greatest rewards. Besides, no one wants a court member who takes themselves too seriously.


Doubling Up

Campaigning with a candidate from the opposite sex nominations is either a great idea or a risky gamble. This makes most sense if you really only want to be on the homecoming court with that someone special. It also makes sense if, as friends, people can see you as the two most representative of school pride.


This method of campaigning can harm you if the person you are campaigning with becomes negative or starts to speak ill about other nominees. The two of you need to work as a team of positive school spirit, talking to students from all types of school groups to ask for support. By getting additional support, you might be able to get more posters up.


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