Mexican Fiesta Party Game

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A Mexican fiesta is a party theme that can be used for many occasions. People may have a Mexican fiesta theme for birthdays, a Cinco de Mayo party, or just as a fun idea for a gathering. Party games are the key to throwing a successful fiesta. Not only are they fun, but Mexican themed games will help guests feel like they are attending a real fiesta.


Bean and Spoon Relay

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Players should divide into teams of two. Each team will have two bowls and two plastic spoons. One bowl should be empty and one filled with beans. The partners will stand across from each other. The first player will scoop up a bean with the plastic spoon, go down to their partner, and transfer the bean to their partner's spoon without touching the bean. The partner then goes back across to the empty bowl, drops the bean in it, and repeats the process. The team who transfers the most beans in the set amount of time, wins.


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Fill a pinata with small prizes. This can be candy or any other small items guests may like. Hang the pinata in a secure location, high enough that guests will be able to swing a bat or a stick at it. Each player is blindfolded and spun around in circles a few times. The players then must try to hit the pinata with a bat or stick. Win the pinata bursts open all of the guests can rush in to get prizes.


How Many Beans?

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Fill a jar with beans and make sure to count them to get the exact number. Guests then must guess the number of beans in the jar. The guests who get closest to the correct number without going over wins.


Pass the Jalapeno

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This game puts a Mexican twist on the traditional game of Hot Potato. Have guests sit in a circle and give them a pillow shaped like a jalapeno. Turn on music and have the guests pass the jalapeno pillow around in a circle. Stop the music at random moments. The person holding the jalapeno pillow when the music stops is out of the game. Repeat the game until only one person is left. The last person in the game is the winner.



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