Homemade Nurse Outfit for Halloween

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A nurse outfit is one of the most popular costumes for Halloween. However, if you buy your costume, you may end up spending more than you would like. Fortunately, a nurse costume is fairly simple to make. In fact, you may already have some of the materials and supplies you need on hand.


Basic Nurse Halloween Outfit

You can make the basis of the nurse Halloween outfit from a white dress or a white top and skirt. Then wear some white pantyhose and white shoes. You can make this a sexy nurse Halloween outfit by putting on a short dress or miniskirt and white fishnet hose. Another sexy nurse costume idea is to wear a short white vinyl or satin dress and thigh-high stockings with garters. Make some white crosses out of fabric and glue them to a circle of red felt fabric. Glue these to the lapels of your top or to the front of your skirt. If you can sew, you could also add some red piping to the front of the nurse's outfit.


Make a Nurse's Cap

Printable nurse hat template

You can make a nurse's cap with cardboard and white fabric. Adjust the size of the template image to fit half a piece of 17-by-11-inch cardboard from a cereal or gift box. Fold the cardboard in half. Place the template on top of the cardboard so the right edge aligns with the fold in the cardboard. Trace around the edges. Then draw a dotted line along the chipboard to match the dotted line on the nurse's cap template. Unfold the chipboard, reverse the template and draw the dotted line on the opposite side. Then score along the dotted line on the cardboard using a craft blade, but don't cut all the way through. Glue white fabric to the cardboard and let it dry. Then fold the cardboard along the scored line so the front flap folds upward. Fold the center back flap down. Fold the side flaps inward so they overlap the back center flap. Make a small red fabric cross and attach it to the front of the nurse's hat.


Accessories for Your Nurse Costume

An important accessory for the nurse Halloween outfit is a stethoscope. You can buy one from a costume shop. Other accessories you might want to add to your costume include white gloves, pill bottles, a white apron, a nurse handbag and a toy hypodermic needle. You can also vary the appearance of this costume by wearing red shoes or by attaching small red fabric crosses to white shoes.