Oktoberfest Games for Kids

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The tradition of Oktoberfest started in Germany in 1810, when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria invited the general public to join in to celebrate his marriage. Since then Oktoberfest has grown and is celebrated worldwide. Oktoberfest is normally celebrated by adults since it's a time to drink German beer and eat brats, but it can be a fun theme for a child's party as well. There are plenty of games and fall activities that can be incorporated into an Oktoberfest party for kids.


Apple Cider Relay Race

For an apple cider relay race, all that's needed is plastic beer steins and apple cider. Separate the kids into teams. Each team gets a beer stein filled with apple cider. The kids must carry the apple cider to a predetermined point and back to hand off to the next team member. If a child spills the apple cider, the must go back to have the plastic beer stein refilled. The team who finishes the entire relay first wins.


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German Music Freeze Dance Game

This is a typical freeze dance game that is played to traditional German music. A CD with polka music can be purchased to play this game. The kids spread out and dance when the music is played. An adult will control the music, stopping at random times. When the music stops, the kids must freeze. Any child who moves when the music is stopped is out of the game. The winner is the last child left in the game.


Pass the Pumpkin

Pass the pumpkin is similar to Hot Potato and can be played using polka music to keep the German feel to a kid's Oktoberfest party. The children will sit in a circle and pass a pumpkin around the circle. When the music stops, the person left holding the pumpkin is out if the game. The winner is the last child left in the game when it ends.


Pumpkin Penny Toss

A pumpkin will need to be carved out to play this game. Place the carved pumpkin an appropriate length away from the kids. Each child gets a handful of pennies. The children will take turns trying to toss the pennies into the carved out pumpkin. For each penny they get into the pumpkin, the child will receive a small prize.


Barrel Race

A barrel race can be done with wooden barrels if access to them is available. If not, it can be done with plastic barrels or even decorated trash cans. The kids will divide up into teams and then the teams will separate into two groups that stand across from each other. The first child will roll the barrel across to where their team mates are standing to pass it off to one of them. This continues until each child on one team has rolled the barrel to the opposite side. The first team to finish the race wins.



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