The Average Banquet Hall Cost

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The average banquet hall cost can take up a large portion of your wedding budget.

The cost of having a wedding is continually on the rise and, on average, can cost $25,000. The cost of renting a banquet hall can take up most of the wedding budget, especially since some halls require you use their own catering services.


Average Cost

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On average the cost of renting a banquet hall, without catering, is between $500 and $2,500 for the space rental. According to The Bridal Association of America the average cost of a banquet hall is $1,244.

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Types of Venues

Some of the less-expensive wedding reception venues may include county rental facilities, parks or VFW or another local organization's hall. Venues, such as hotels, beaches and private residences end up being on the higher end of the cost spectrum.


Additional Costs

Some banquet halls will add extra charges to cover liability insurance, table and chair usage and catering. These costs can add up and need to be looked at when considering a banquet hall.


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