Food Ideas for a 40th Birthday Party

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A 40th birthday party is a significant milestone in life. Let's face it, after we reach drinking age there aren't many birthdays adults celebrate. Except for 40! At your 40th birthday why not invite some friends over and have a '70s party? Put on your bell bottoms, flip out your Farrah hair and use our food ideas for a 40th birthday party.



Appetizers from the '70s were delicious! Serve up some curry deviled eggs and don't forget to add a sliced green olive to the top. Pigs in a blanket became popular in the '70s so have plenty of those ready for sharing with guests. Serve a tray of stuffed celery. You can use peanut butter or even tuna fish for this treat. Serve big bowls of cheese doodles and party mix. For a fancy dip mix sour cream with Lipton's onion soup mix. Let guests dip with sliced vegetables and potato chips. For a little extra touch of '70s soul, use tie-dyed table clothes to cover food tables.


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Main Dish

Fondue was all the rage 40 years ago. Why not set a couple of fondue pots out for guests to dip cheese and chocolate treats. Swedish meatballs are simple to make or even buy ahead of time. Pizza was hot then too! Put out several trays of pizza already sliced and ready to go. Cheese and pepperoni pizzas were the most popular. Submarine sandwiches were also a favorite meal in the '70s. Make some really large ones and then slice them up into easy-to-hold treats.



For a genuine taste of the decade, offer a Jell-o mold. Make it authentic by adding some fruit to your mold. Set it in a bundt pan and serve it after it's cooled to a jelly like solid. Here's another food idea for your 40th birthday party, carrot cake! Genuine cakes from the '70s had real shredded pieces of carrots in them. Slice them up to make serving easier. Cheesecake topped with fruit like cherries or blueberries are delicious choices too. Place a bowl of Hershey's kisses on your dessert table. These bite-size chocolates are easy to snack on and guests will love them.



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