Easy Bamboo Crafts

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Bamboo is a plant that is grown and available in most regions. If you have access to bamboo you will find that there are many crafts that are fun to make and enjoyable to keep around or use. Many bamboo crafts are simple enough for people both young and old to enjoy making.

The Bamboo Fishing Pole

A bamboo fishing pole is easy to make and something that will provide hours of entertainment. Get a 4- to 5-foot long stick of bamboo. Cut 6 feet of waxed twine for the line, or use fishing line if you have that on hand. Tie off about 3 inches of the twine along the top of the pole and then wrap the twine loosely to the end of the pole and knot in place, allowing for plenty of line to dangle in the water.


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Tie a bobber made out of a wooden bead that can be tied about 1 1/2 feet from the end of the line. At the end of the line, tie a paper clip to serve as your hook and then bait it with a piece of cheese. Now it's time to go fishing.

Bamboo Flute

To make a bamboo flute get a piece of bamboo 12 to 18 inches long. On the side of your choosing, drill holes starting about 3 inches from the top , drilling one every 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Using sand paper, sand down the top of the bamboo where you would blow, so it does not poke the lips when blown into. Blow into the flute, placing your fingers over holes to achieve the sound that you desire.


Bamboo Frame

An easy craft for children to make is a bamboo frame which can be given to parents during the holidays or for Mother's or Father's Day. Simply take four pieces of bamboo; cut two of them to 3 inches in length and the other two to 5 inches in length. With a hot glue gun, help the children in gluing the pieces together so that the 5-inch pieces are on the top and bottom and the 3-inch pieces are on either side. On the back of the bamboo, glue wide craft sticks cut to size. When dry, tape a picture to the craft sticks so that when turned over the picture is shown through the bamboo frame.



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