What to Write for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Announcement

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Spending fifty years married to one person is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. Many local newspapers help out by publishing anniversary announcements for couples so that the entire community can share in their happy celebration. Many newspapers will have a template available for such an announcement, usually available on their website. If they do not, be sure to include some basic information about the couple and, if space permits, some facts about how they met or their shared hobbies.


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Start off the announcement with the couple's names. Be sure to include the wife's maiden name in parentheses. You also want to make it clear that the couple is celebrating their 50th anniversary. You can do this by mentioning their original wedding date and letting readers do the math or by stating it outright: John and Jane (Jones) Doe will celebrate their 50th anniversary" then giving the specific date. From there, you can add additional information. Most 50th anniversary announcements do include information about the couple's children and grandchildren. If the husband, wife, or both are not originally from their current community, the announcement may contain the location where they grew up or where they met. If the newspaper provides sufficient space, you could also briefly describe how they met, where they were married and how they plan to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

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