Moving Care Package Ideas

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If someone you know is moving and you're unable to lend a hand with the heavy items, you can show your support by sending a moving care package. Moving care packages are a thoughtful way to make someone's transition from one home to another an easier and warmer experience. You can choose what kind of package to give depending on your intent and your relationship with the people moving.


Moving Supplies Care Package

Send a moving supplies care package slightly in advance of the move. Stock it with packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, thick black markers and box labels--things the family will need to move except for the boxes. Include post cards for them to send to friends and family members to inform them of their new address.


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My First Apartment Package

For a young person just starting out, a first apartment care package can include little things that most people don't have when they move into their own place for the first time. Consider plates, utensils, cups and a cookbook. Add must-haves like linens and towels, pots and pans, kitchen gadgets or decorative items. Package them in something that's also useful, like a laundry basket, hamper or file box.


Dinner Package

The dinner package helps the moving party have something good to eat while all the pots and pans are still in boxes. Gift certificates for restaurants are helpful. If you will be hand-delivering your package the day of the move, include home-cooked food like a casserole. Fill in the package with snacks and drinks that can be used throughout moving day.


Your First Night in Your New Home Package

A "first night in your new home" package is about unwinding after the packing, moving and unpacking. Movies and popcorn are good ideas for a relaxing movie night at home, or bath salts and relaxing candles for the person who'd rather luxuriate in a nice bath.


Home Blessing Package

A home blessing package creates a joyful and welcoming energy. Candles, a sage stick, a framed quote about home and happiness or something with a person's favorite scent are good ideas. Wind chimes, sun catchers, or other similar items can bring a positive and homey feel to the space.


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