Ideas for No-Sew Cat in the Hat Costumes

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Cat in the Hat with a fan

"The Cat in the Hat" is one of Dr. Seuss' most famous characters. You or your child can dress up like this famous character for a play or a costume party incredibly easily. Even if you cannot sew, the costume itself is so easy to make that no sewing is required to assemble this classic literary costume for you or your child.


The Hat

The hat is probably one of the most important elements of "Cat in the Hat". You can either purchase a "Cat in the Hat" hat (available at most costume stores or children's toy stores) or make one yourself. If you choose to make one, purchase a brimmed hat with a flat top that will fit on your child's head. Glue red felt around the brim and the sides of the hat. Then, purchase a cylinder of Styrofoam about the same circumference as the top of the brimmed hat. Glue using super glue or other strong craft glue. Cut out pieces of red and white felt and glue them around the circumference of the hat so that they are horizontal. Alternate between red and white until you cover all of the Styrofoam.


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The Suit

The "Cat in the Hat" typically wears a black suit with a white bib. You can purchase a black pants suit at a thrift store or other inexpensive store and use a button-down white shirt underneath it (buttoned to the top). Purchase a red bow tie or tie a red ribbon and pin it to the collar with a safety pin. Alternatively, you can purchase a black cardigan and black pants or pair with a black skirt and black tights.



The Cat in the Hat wears white gloves. You can buy an inexpensive pair from any thrift store or clothing retailer.


Make sure you are wearing black shoes. You can wear black Mary Janes, black tennis shoes or even black jazz shoes. It doesn't matter, as long as its black and blends in.


The Tail

Buy a tail made of soft fabric from a costume shop and fasten it on yourself. You can use a black scarf or black boa and tuck it in your pants or skirt right above your behind to create the illusion of a tail.


The Cat Face

To complete the look, you must have cat whiskers. You can either purchase a cat face from a costume or toy store or do it yourself. The easiest way is to use some black eyeliner (preferably liquid) and draw on your nose to make it black. Then, paint three whiskers on either side, one at a 45-degree angle, running under your eye, one at a 180 degree angle with your nose and one at a 45 degree angle going towards your ear lobe. Get more creative by buying theatrical make-up and painting your whole face white and adding cat make up on top of it. Browse some theatrical make-up books and websites for ideas.



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