Tie Dyeing Folding Techniques

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Have T-shirts that are dye-ing for a makeover? Experiment with scrap cardboard, rubber bands and wood craft sticks to elevate your tie dyeing projects with these easy folding and tying methods.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber bands 
  • Cardboard 
  • Scissors
  • Wood craft sticks 
  • Cotton T-shirts or fabric for dyeing 

Create a Spiral Pattern

Pinch fabric in the center and twist clockwise, creating a tight spiral. Continue twisting until you've created a tight bundle and secure with rubber bands. Dye to create a vortex of color!

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)
(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Create Horizontal and Vertical Stripes

Fold your fabric neatly in an accordion fold and secure with rubber bands to create vertical stripe sections.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Roll your accordion fold into a cinnamon bun shape and secure. Create bold horizontal stripes by dyeing each side of the rubber band separately.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)
(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Create Polka Dots

Pinch small sections in neat rows and secure tightly with rubber bands. Isolate these sections while dyeing to create contrasting polka dots.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)
(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Create Geometric Shapes

Fold your fabric into squares and triangles and sandwich between two pieces of cardboard. Secure tightly with rubber bands--the distributed pressure will keep dye from penetrating beyond the exposed edges of the fabric.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

The same technique can be used with wood craft sticks to create stripes.

(Image: Lindsey Crafter)
(Image: Lindsey Crafter)

Have ideas for fun tie dye projects ? Have questions about dyes or color combinations? Leave them in the comments below!

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