Yarn Heart Cards

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Create a homemade card that stands out amongst those run-of-the-mill pharmacy aisle paper goods. This light and fuzzy card not only shows friends and family how much you love them, but it also conveys your expression of affection using the homiest of materials, yarn.

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Cut Cardstock to Size

Take two pieces of cardstock, your ruler and pencil. Decide how large you want your card to be and mark where to cut your cardstock on both pages. You'll need two cards of exactly the same size -- one for the outer card with the yarn heart and one to cover the inside of the card after the heart is woven. I made mine 10 inches long by 5 inches wide so the final folded card would be a five inch square.

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Fold the Cards

Fold both pieces of cardstock in the middle width-wise to create two cards that are exactly the same size. Trim any excess from the inner card that may be overlapping.

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Trace the Heart

Using your heart pattern, trace the outline of the heart onto the center of the front of your card.

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Measure and Mark the Holes

Using a ruler to keep your holes on a straight line, mark an even number of holes on each line where the yarn will be stitched. You can space lines closer together for a denser yarn pattern, but make sure to leave at least an 1/8" between each hole so the cardstock doesn't rip when the yarn is woven through it.

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Puncture Holes

With your pin tool or a mechanical pencil, puncture holes where your marks are. Then erase all pencil marks with an eraser.

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Make a Point

Make a "needle" with tape by rolling it tightly around the end of your yarn into a tiny tube. This will keep the yarn from fraying as you weave it through your card.

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Add the Yarn

Starting at the top, gently weave the yarn through the pre-poked holes.

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Add the Second Card

Using your glue stick, outline the back edge of your yarn heart card and the back of the second card with glue. Gently press the back of the second card to the first and set to dry.


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