Easter Baskets Kids Can Make

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During the late winter everyone starts looking forward to Easter and the coming spring. Get the kids involved in the season by helping them create their own animal easter baskets. These baskets are inexpensive and easy to make using simple craft items and purchased or recycled plastic buckets.

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Pink Bunny

This cute little guy starts with a pink bucket. Cut ears from pink craft foam and smaller inner ears from white foam. Glue the white ears to the pink ears using foam glue. (Follow the directions and put small amounts of the glue on both surfaces and allow to dry before putting them together). Glue the ears to the back of the bucket. Cut a muzzle in a large figure eight shape from the white foam and draw on a mouth with a Sharpie pen. Add a pink pom pom for a nose and glue googly eyes in place.

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Easter Chick

Just a twist of the bucket puts a new perspective on what you see. The handle becomes a chicken's comb by wrapping it with an extra large orange chenille stem. Cut a square from orange craft foam and fold it on the diagonal. Glue it in place for a beak and add some large googly eyes to complete the chick.

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Sly Fox

The secret to the fox is using a tall, slender white bucket. Cut a large triangle for the head and pointy ears from orange craft foam. You can add white inner ears for a more realistic look. Glue the ears to the back of the bucket. The nose is a triangle of black foam with the corners rounded off. Draw a mouth with a Sharpie and add googly eyes.


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