How to Make a Felted Wool Stocking

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Personalize the holidays with cozy, handmade, felted-wool Christmas stockings. Repurpose sweaters and create inexpensive felted wool stockings that are both functional and decorative. These festive stockings can be given as gifts, used as a creative alternative to gift bags, or hung from the mantle for the season.


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Things You'll Need

  • Felted wool sweater

  • Pins

  • Fabric marker

  • Large sock

  • Scissors

  • Wool yarn (contrasting color to sweater)

  • Large-eyed needle

Step 1

Choose a wool cardigan with a festive design or one composed of your favorite Christmas colors. Felt the sweater to create a fabric that is dense and won't unravel. Visit this article to learn how to felt a sweater.

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Step 2

Lay the sweater flat matching the front and back hemlines. Pin the front and back together so they stay aligned.


Step 3

Center the sock on the front of the sweater and neckline with the sweater's buttons down the middle. Position the toe of the sock along the bottom edge of the sweater. Pin the sock in place as a guide to help you draw the shape of the Christmas stocking. Incorporating the neckline and collar of the sweater will provide a finished upper edge. Including the button-down front of the sweater adds interest and makes the stocking easier to fill.


Step 4

Using the sock as a guide, draw a stocking shape with the fabric marker. Include the entire collar and neckline in the stocking shape. Don't make the ankle too narrow and don't make the foot section too long or the sock will be difficult to fill. When finished, the stocking should be the length of the sweater from neckline to hemline.



Step 5

Cut on the marked line through both the front and back of the sweater to create the stocking.


Step 6

Align and pin the wrong sides of the stocking pieces together.


Step 7

Thread the needle with about 30 inches of yarn. Re-thread if more is needed.


Step 8

Use a blanket stitch and make stitches every half inch.

Step 9

Sew around the stocking using the blanket stitch. Leave the collar and neckline unsewn, to be the stocking opening.


Step 10

Cut a 1 inch by 10 inch strip of wool felt from the remaining felted sweater to use as a hanging loop.

Step 11

Fold the strip in half to form a loop. Pin and sew it to the upper edge of the stocking.

Step 12

Fill the stocking with your favorite goodies and hang. Make Christmas stockings from pullover sweaters as well as button-up cardigans. Be sure to incorporate the interesting elements found in each sweater you choose, such as pockets, zippers or buttons. Embellish your homemade Christmas stockings to fit your favorite holiday use.