Halloween Spiderweb Doormat

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What better way to greet your Halloween guests than with a spooky spider doormat? This one glows in the dark so the effect lasts into the night. It's an easy project so it makes for a great last-minute decoration.

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Draw the Web

Draw a line across the horizontal center of the mat with chalk or a light-colored crayon. Draw a second line down the vertical center. Divide each section into thirds and make a mark. Connect each mark with a curved line and then a line from the mark to the center. Make several rows of these curved lines.

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Outline the Drawing

Follow the drawn lines with your choice of either glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint or glow-in-the-dark hot melt glue. Don't worry if the lines are not completely straight as slightly wiggly lines will look more authentic.

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Add Glitter

Place paper under the project before you start to make the cleanup process easier. Sprinkle glitter over the lines while they are still damp. Let dry overnight.

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Make the Spider

Draw a spider shape on the black felt and cut it out with scissors.