Solutions for Hiding a Bed Frame With Wheels Under a Box Spring

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Metal bed frames with caster wheels are convenient as they are fairly easy to assemble and move around. Once the bed is made up, however, the exposed metal parts are less than attractive. Nearly limitless possibilities for concealing unsightly elements range from the frilly to the modern. Choose a method for your bed that corresponds with the bedroom decor.


Fabric Skirts

A fabric bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, is a traditional method of hiding bed frames as well as box springs. Skirts are fitted over box springs, like fitted sheets over mattresses, and have curtain-like flaps on all sides that hang down to the floor. From lace ruffles to sleek, non-pleated Egyptian cotton, skirts are available in a wide variety of styles. Making a personalized, hand-sewn skirt based on the dimensions of the bed frame is another option, which allows the opportunity for creative design akin to making a dress. For those not handy with a sewing machine, use fabric glue to construct a skirt.


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Reclaimed Bamboo Shades

To conceal the metal frame and wheels with something more natural, repurpose old bamboo shades. Cut the bamboo shades into sections that are slightly wider than the distance from the floor to the top of the bed frame using plant and flower shears. Reknot the severed strings to keep the slats in place, and tie or wire the sections to the top of the bed frame, allowing them fall to the floor, covering the framework and wheels. If the natural tone of bamboo does not suit the room, paint the bamboo to match or complement the color scheme with acrylic paint. Stencils can also be used on bamboo sections to add a decorative touch.


Ribbon Wrap

Soften and conceal the cold metal by wrapping the bed frame with ribbon. Use simple, plain ribbon for an adult's bedroom or funky, bright colors and patterns for a kid's room. Wrap ribbon around legs and rails in a spiraling manner with slightly overlapping revolutions. For extra softening, wrap the framework with cotton batting before adding the ribbon. The wrapped batting will result in a padded appearance, like a satin, padded clothes hanger. Tie, stitch or glue the ribbon ends to keep the wrapping tight. Deal with the wheels by flaring the ribbon slightly to create a bell shape cover or by tying bows in front of them.



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