What Colors Make a Room Look Larger?

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When decorating or redecorating a space that may not be as large as you like, changing the wall color can create the illusion of extra size. While it does nothing to actually make the room bigger, it at least leaves your room looking and feeling less confined. Rearranging the furniture and adding mirrors help rooms look bigger, as well. With a combination of techniques, you can give a tiny studio apartment the look of a large loft.



Neutral shades and earth tones on walls give a room a larger look. Colors like tan, beige, and dark brown reflect light rather than absorb it. When light is reflected, the room seems larger than it actually is. Painting moldings and trims a lighter color helps make the room look even bigger than making the walls alone a neutral color. In addition, using solid colors rather than special designs or wallpaper creates the illusion of a larger size within a room.


Black and White

White, like neutral colors, reflects light and gives rooms a larger look. The starkness of all-white walls may be too much for some people, however. For those who enjoy dark colors, having a solid black room creates a look of a larger space, as well. Black makes the furniture and accessories within the room stand out, while the walls fade into the background.


Cool Colors

Warm colors within a home bring the walls forward. This makes a space appear smaller than it actually is, which can work well within overly large rooms that need to be brought in. Cool colors, however, have the opposite effect; blues, greens and violets soften a room and make walls recede. Having cool jewel tones on the walls also makes space seem larger and makes the area feel warmer.


Accent Walls

Painting all four walls a similar cool or neutral shade helps make a room look larger, but it can feel somewhat monotonous. For a way to break up the visual aesthetic, create an accent wall. An accent wall is painted a different but related shade than the other three walls in a room and can make your space look bigger. For example, having three gray walls and one white one can bring in additional light to the room and make it look bigger.