Gift Ideas for a 28 Year Old Female

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Have your 28-year-old female friend relax for the day.

No matter if it is a birthday, anniversary, holiday or "just because" gift, give the 28-year-old female in your life a special present. Take her interests and desires into account, and then start shopping. No matter your budget or your lady's dreams, using a bit of creativity and a bunch of thought will land you the perfect gift.


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Personal gift ideas for a 28-year-old female provide a range of choices. Select a new perfume, lotion or body spritz for her. Add to her makeup collection with a gift box of her favorite brand's new line. Buy her an entire ensemble of clothes, shoes, jewelry and a hair accessory.


Buy her an expensive sweater, coat or pajama set she would never expect. If she is an exercise enthusiast, find her a new workout outfit.

Some women simply want comfortable personal items. Give her a pair of extra thick socks or slippers along with a brand new journal and selection of teas. A new bathrobe or heating blanket will last for years.



Sometimes the best gift is a simple and needed one. Your friend may need household gadgets. Take her to a home store for updated home gear.

Think what would make her life easier. Clean out her car, or take it in for detail work. If you're not a corner cleaner or workman, call a maid service and pay to have her carpets vacuumed and toilets scrubbed. Hire a landscaping company to mow her lawn and clean her gutters every so often. Pay for a handyman to spend a few hours at her house fixing odds and ends.


Create stress-free dinners for her with either gift cards or a catering company. Ask her to choose a day to have dinner delivered.


With work and family responsibilities, the 28-year-old female in your life would appreciate the gift of relaxation. Design a day for her, whether it be getting a pedicure, manicure, massage, facial or hair makeover. Send her out solo or with a friend, gift cards in hand.


Create a day of relaxation at home. Set the mood with music and delicious food, like chocolate-covered strawberries. Eliminate responsibilities, such as pet and child care, cooking and cleaning for the day, and replace it with sleeping in, bundles of magazines and a warm bath. Send her the message that she deserves a break after all she does.