Cute & Easy Wood-Shop Projects With the Band Saw

Use a band saw to create irregular shapes and curves.

The band saw is a common tool used in woodworking projects, especially projects that require irregular shapes and curves. You can make some basic decorative items with just a few steps. Finish your new wooden picture frame or wall sign with a stain and varnish or some colorful paint. Plan your project by sketching out your design beforehand and transferring the drawing to your piece of wood for accurate cutting. You will also need some basic tools such as a hand drill or drill press, a wood file and varying grains of sandpaper.

Picture Frame

Create a seamless picture frame with a decorative border. Accurately measure the inner rectangle of the piece that you will cut out. Leave a space of around a few inches and trace your shape around the measured rectangle. Use the band saw to cut out the pattern. Drill a hole somewhere within the rectangular space in order to slide the saw blade through and cut out the middle. Use a file to round any edges and sandpaper to give the entire piece a smooth finish. You can also use a wood router to create a recessed edge along the back inner edge. Attach small tabs to hold in your photo and cardboard backing.

Coat or Hat Rack

Use a band saw to make a hanging coat or hat rack. Measure and cut out the background to which your wooden hooks will attach. You can make the background rectangular or use any design that your skill level allows. Make your hooks with wood at least 1-inch thick, so you can screw them to the background plate. Allow about 6 inches of space between each hook. Place wood glue on the end of your hook pieces before you attach them to the base. Put one or two screws through the back of the supporting plate and into the base of each hook. You must also drill holes into the base plate on the left and right side in order to screw the rack into the wall.

Door or Wall Signs

Design and cut out a door or wall sign with your band saw. Measure and sketch out your sign shape onto your piece of wood. Make your piece no more than a couple of inches thick, so it won't be too heavy. Cut out the border design with the band saw and smooth out the piece with sandpaper. Use a wood-burning tool to create blackened text or patterns and finish with a wood stain and polyurethane or varnish. You can also use woodcarving tools to create textured designs or text on the wood and use paints to accent the piece.