Kawasaki 15Hp Engine Specifications

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Kawasaki produced one type of a 15 horsepower engine in 2010, the FH430V KAI. This vertically mounted four-cycle gasoline engine is designed primarily for lawn mowers. For example, the Kawasaki FH430V KAI is found on mid-sized walk-behind Toro brand lawnmowers. Kawasaki Motors Corporation also manufactures motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, light utility vehicles and personal watercraft.



The FH430V KAI is a two-cylinder engine with an overhead valve design and cast iron cylinder liners. It uses forced-air cooling. It also uses a pull cord rather than an automatic starter.


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Weighing in at 70.5 pounds, the FH430V KAI is 14.25 inches high (minus the shaft), 16.7 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. The shaft has a 1-inch diameter and is 3 5/32 inches long. The engine has a displacement of 26.3 cubic inches, with a compression ratio of 8.5 to 1. Its oil capacity is 1.9 quarts. Its cylinders have a bore and stroke of 2.6 inches by 2.6 inches.



At 3,600 rpm the FH430V KAI has a maximum power of 15 horsepower. Its maximum torque is 23.6 foot-pounds at 2,400 rpm.

Other Features

The FH430V KAI features an automatic compression release. It also includes pressurized lubrication, electronic spark ignition, fuel pump, a dual element air cleaner, and a rotating grass screen.



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