Ideas for a Boy's 7th Birthday

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There are lots of ways to celebrate a young boy turning seven, from a party with friends to a fun day out with the family. Seven-year-old boys are at the age when they enjoy the fun and surprises that a birthday has to offer. Get friends or family involved with the organising to take off some of the pressure. With a little imagination, it is possible to arrange a fantastic day that your seven year old will remember for many years to come.


Traditional Party

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A birthday party is an exciting and momentous occasion to a boy turning seven. Throwing a party gives you the opportunity to create a special day for your little boy where friends and family can join in on the fun too. Have a birthday cake made with his favorite cartoon character on such as Sponge-bob and include seven candles that the birthday boy can blow out. Hire a magician or children's entertainer to keep the kids entertained for a special treat. If your budget will not allow for an entertainer, play lots of party games such as musical bumps or pass the parcel instead. Make plenty of finger foods and jelly and ice-cream that both the children and parents will enjoy.


Video of the Day

Scavenger Hunt

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Little boys love to play games. Arrange a scavenger hunt in the backyard for your boy and his friends to enjoy. Create a pirate theme and send little invitations made like scrolls to his friends, you could include a fancy dress theme such as pirates if you wish. Make an antiquated-looking treasure map out of tea-stained paper with clues to find the treasure. The treasure could be whatever you wish such as gold foiled-wrapped chocolate coins for everyone to enjoy.


Fun Day Out

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Arrange a fun day out as a birthday treat. A day with family at the amusement park, movies or bowling are all great ways to spend a day together as a family to celebrate a seventh birthday. Many leisure activities such as amusement parks offer birthday or group discounts, so check before making your journey. Take a special birthday picnic with party hats or treat the family to meal out at lunch time. Ring the restaurant ahead to arrange for a birthday cake to be presented at the end of the meal.


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