School Assembly Ideas for Christmas

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School assemblies can sometimes be tedious and boring for students, but Christmas assemblies are fun and exciting. While many teachers may have a Christmas party in the classroom, an assembly is a fun opportunity for students to step out of the classroom to celebrate Christmas and the upcoming winter holidays.


The more creative, the better when it comes to Christmas assemblies for the whole school, but that isn't to say traditional ideas won't also work. Don't forget to set the mood for the holiday season with plenty of Christmas decorations that may include a Christmas tree, Santa and a snowman. Christmas is a time to have fun and enjoy others' company, so explore some different Christmas assembly ideas.


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Christmas chorus singalong

The school choir singing Christmas songs during the holidays isn't anything new, but the idea still works because most students enjoy singing along during an assembly. To make it more interesting and unique, have the entire student body vote on what songs should be sung at the event.


This allows the entire student body to be involved in the production somehow and ensures they'll enjoy the songs being sung. While traditional Christmas songs like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bells" will likely make the list, new songs by pop artists may also make the cut, crafting a more modern assembly.


Christmas movies-turned-plays

Instead of traditional Christmas plays or performances, such as the story of the nativity or ‌A Christmas Carol‌, a more modern Christmas play might create more spark among students and community members. ‌The Grinch Who Stole Christmas‌, ‌A Charlie Brown Christmas‌ and ‌A Christmas Story‌ are all Christmas movie favorites that could be turned into school productions.


Students may also wish to write their own Christmas play, which would enhance creativity and imagination. Rather than full plays, you can also consider shorter scenes and skits to give more students an opportunity to participate in the Christmas activities.

Battle of the Christmas bands

Today, with video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band teaching a love of music at a young age, more and more young kids are starting their own real bands. While they may not be able to write their own good songs, a Christmas battle of the bands would allow students to perform their favorite Christmas tunes in a talent-show-type assembly. Kids playing and listening to rock, pop and rap versions of Christmas classics will help enliven Christmas and get everyone in the spirit.


Christmas fashion show

Christmas assemblies don't have to be made up of plays and musicals. In fact, the holidays are the perfect time for red and green to shine together, fashionably. You could even have a Christmas-around-the-world theme for the fashion show.


While high school kids often have prom fashion shows, a Christmas fashion show would not only spark creativity among students, but would also get everyone in the spirit of the holidays. Older kids may actually be able to create designs using fabric or felt and sewing machines.

Primary school and middle school students may need help from parents but could design their own Christmas outfits to be worn on stage. Children can then vote on their favorite designs at the assembly.


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