Joke Gifts for a 60 Year Old Birthday

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Birthday gifts for a 60-year-old can be both funny and tasteful.

For some, the idea of becoming 60 years old is a depressing thought. Sixty is a milestone age, and means that retirement is around the corner for many. Giving "gag" or joke gifts to a 60-year-old, can be a way of helping him come to terms with his age, or to make him look at old age with some humor.


Funny Shirts or Mugs

Create a personalized T-shirt or mug for the 60-year-old. Create a design with a saying displayed on the shirt such as: "I'm not 60. I'm 18…, with 42 years of experience", "I'm not 60. I'm only $59.95, plus tax!" or "Looks 32, Feels 18, Acts 10… That makes me 60!" Include a funny photo or clip art to your design and take it to a local print or copy shop to have it printed.

Childish Gifts

Give the 60-year-old man something inappropriate, such as a coloring book or crayons to show how "young" you consider him to be. You can also make it special by buying him a toy he owned or always coveted as a child. Ask his family and close friends about his childhood memories to determine a list of specific toys to track down.


Homemade Gifts

Create funny homemade gifts to give him as a package. For example, give him a gift labeled "Home Exercise Kit", consisting of a block of wood. Add instructions to place it on the floor, walk around it twice, check your pulse and take a break as you have completed two laps around the block. Another idea is to give him "stress relief capsules" in the form of bubble wrap, with instructions to pop one sheet every four hours and to see the psychiatrist if symptoms persist. Print an eye chart, starting with very big letters, gradually becoming smaller until it is unreadable. Have it spell out : "You are going quite blind now that you are old as the hills." Give it to the 60-year-old, with the instructions to have his eyes checked regularly.


Old-school Hearing Aid

Buy a play traffic-cone, a bull's horn or anything that may resemble an old-school, cone-shaped hearing aid. Playfully remind the 60-year-old how much trouble you had to go through to get hold of that hearing aid, just to help him in his old age.

Gift Basket

Compile a 60-year gift basket. Purchase a bag of marbles, and label it with "for when you lose yours." Buy a huge magnifying glass and tie a note to it with very small type, stating that it will help him read things now that his eyesight is not what it used to be. Add a packet of paperclips, to help it hold all together as he gets older.


Old-age “cosmetics”

Go to the hardware store to purchase your friend some old-age cosmetics. For example, a "make-up applicator" in the form of a large paint brush or paint roller, and an "extra strength wrinkle remedy" in the form of crack filler and a caulking gun. Add a note praising the qualities of these remedies and how to apply them. It will cause a good laugh, and be practical too, if he is planning to do any small repairs in and around the house.


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