Building Codes in Citrus County, Florida

Most of Citrus County's building code is the same as every other county in Florida. After Hurricane Andrew smashed into South Florida in 1992, the state realized many local building codes didn't set tough enough construction standards. In 1998, the state imposed a Florida Building Code that covers all of its counties. However, Citrus County does have a limited power to make code amendments.

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Building Requirements

The Citrus County Building Division administers the building code, issues permits and makes building inspections. Anyone applying for a construction permit will have to meet standards covering such things as plumbing, electrical wiring, glass, heat efficiency and radon. The code rules are in the Florida Statutes, chapter 553. Citrus County can amend the standards once every six months. The amendment has to deal with a local issue specific to Citrus County, and it has to be tougher than the state code.

Hurricane Winds

Citrus County is on Florida's central Gulf coast, which puts it at risk for hurricane damage. The Citrus County code includes requirements to protect construction against wind-borne debris and wind damage. The greater the risk of high winds, the tougher the rules. Depending on the location, builders have to account for possible winds of 100, 110 or 120 mph.

Researching the Codes

If you want to read about the code in detail, you can find copies in the Citrus County regional libraries. You can order copies from the Southern Building Code Congress or read the Florida code online at the Florida Building Codes website. If you have a specific question, contact the Citrus building division at 352-527-5394. If you're working with a Citrus County contractor, she may be able to answer your questions for you.

Staying Current

Building codes aren't carved in stone. In 2013, for instance, Citrus began requiring permits before property owners install vinyl paneling in existing buildings. Copies of the FBC won't include any amendments made since the most recent state code came out. The amendments from the 2007 code didn't show up in the state code until 2010. If you apply for a permit, the County Building Division should point out any local amendments you have to follow.

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