Good-Luck Gifts for a Housewarming

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Throughout time it has been a custom to bring a gift to friends and family when they purchase a home. Gifts have different meanings. When searching for gifts to bring luck to the home, you may be surprised by the collection of gifts available. Bread traditionally means you will never go hungry, while coins bring good fortune and a pinch of salt at each door wards off evil and brings good luck--something every new homeowner could use more of.


House Plants

Bamboo is a popular choice for a luck-inspired housewarming gift. The plant itself will bring luck and comes in a variety of interesting twists and shapes like braids and hearts. Purchase a decorative plant pot to add another dimension to the gift and finish it with decorative rocks or glass pebbles. Keep in mind the style of your friend or loved one. If you are not sure which direction to take, ask for help or stick to basics like neutral and simple for the pot choice and naturally colored stones. Another option thought to bring luck is a money tree. Choose from braided or regular money trees for good luck.


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Horseshoes are amongst the most frequently gifted charms for housewarming presents. The recipient can hang it above a door in the home for luck. Choose an interesting horseshoe your friend or loved one will appreciate. For an interesting take on the horseshoe theme, choose a horseshoe wine rack or a paperweight. Irish charms like four-leaf clovers also make for cute housewarming gifts from paperweights to a set of coasters or wineglass charms. Buddha statues are also said to bring good luck. Choose something of an appropriate size your friend or loved one can place in the entry way, on a fireplace mantel or wherever else he or she wishes to put it.


Gift Basket

To incorporate traditional items in a modern way, create a gift basket. Moving can be a stressful event, often leading to takeout food. A basket of fresh, easy-to-prepare items will bring luck and comfort to your friend or loved one. Add a baguette to keep hunger at bay and pair it with a selection of cheese and fresh fruit. Add a bottle of wine to keep thirst away and combine it with a set of personalized glassware, monogrammed or engraved. Add some gourmet finishing salts for pure luck and pot of flavored honey to help embrace life's sweetness. Other things you can put in the basket include a corkscrew, dish towels or cloth napkins.



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