The Best Christmas Gifts for Girls Age 10

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Learn about a young woman's interests before purchasing a gift for her.

Purchasing a Christmas gift for a 10-year-old girl can be a difficult task. While not quite teenagers, these girls are beginning to mature physically and emotionally, which can affect the type of gifts they desire. Choosing the right gift for a girl this age largely depends on her personality and interests, though there are several great options on the market today for Christmas giving.


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The Hollywood Gift

In today's age, many young girls have a typical fascination with Hollywood and movie stars. There are many movies released throughout the year that are geared to the preteen market, and because of mass marketing of these franchises, it is relatively easy to find a variety of gifts based on these movies. Posters, calendars, jewelry and even replica dolls of a favorite movie-star crush are offered in many mall stores and online marketplaces.


Electronic devices are extremely popular for kids of this generation, and 10-year-old girls 10 are no different. While these gifts are slightly more expensive than others, there are many electronic devices and accessories available as Christmas gifts for girls. MP3 players make excellent gifts and many manufacturers gear versions of their MP3 players to the preteen and teen market, including customizable colors and style preferences. Other popular electronics include video and computer gaming equipment and games geared toward young women. Not only are these exciting gifts to receive, but they can be enjoyed for several years.


Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription specifically for a young woman makes a nice surprise she will enjoy not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. Magazines for this demographic include science and nature magazines, lifestyle and fashion publications, and even magazines written by preteen girls. Knowing the recipient's interests will go far in finding a magazine that meets her tastes.