Funny 70th Birthday Ideas

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70th birthday ideas
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When planning a 70th birthday celebration for a loved one with a sense of humor, be sure to use funny party ideas to make the party a big hit. Funny decorations, games and food will have your guests talking about the party for years to come. Make the birthday guest feel special and loved on his big birthday.


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silver decorations
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Hang black, white and silver decoration all over the party area. Use black, white and silver, balloons and streamers. Make signs with funny sayings, such as, "You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake;" "Age is like underwear, it creeps up on you;" and "Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative." Draw old, wrinkled faces with gray hair on the black and white balloons.



email friends for photos
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Collect pictures of the guest of honor from over the years. Email his close friends and family to try to find as many pictures as you can. The funnier the pictures, the better the collage. Place the pictures on a large piece of cardboard covered with black velvet fabric.



make seven cupcakes
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For a funny 70th birthday cake, make a large tombstone for the cake and write, "Here lies the youth of ____, Happy 70th." Another idea is to create a large hill in the middle of the cake and put a plastic person walking over the hill. Make small speed limit signs that go all the way up to 70, which will be at the top of the hill. For cupcakes, make seven cupcakes and put 10 candles in each cupcake. Beside the cupcakes place a large, red bucket that says, "In Case of Fire."



cotton ball game
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For some game fun at a 70th party, make a bowl of extra small, gold safety pins mixed with a cup of uncooked oatmeal. Blindfold each player and give him one minute to see how many safety pins he can find in the oatmeal. This game is much harder than most people think. Another funny game is the cotton ball game. Blindfold players and sit a bowl of cotton balls in their laps. Give each person a spoon and have someone hold a bowl on his head. The person must try to pick up as many cotton balls with the spoon as he can and transfer them to the bowl on his head.