Ideas for Children to Do for a Parent's 50th Anniversary

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A 50th anniversary is a special one, celebrating half a century of love. Not many couples make it to 50 years, so an event such as this requires special reflection. Whether you choose to throw a big party, arrange a small get-together, buy the perfect gift or create one of your own, consider a few ideas for your celebration.



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Whether you choose to throw a big bash or a cozy event, really make it sparkle. Consider creating wedding-style party invitations to send to family and friends, including a photo from the wedding and a current picture of the happy couple. Choose a romantic location -- you may even decide to revisit the place where the original wedding was held. Decorate the venue accordingly, complete with a cake decked in gold, the couple's original wedding colors and their wedding cake-topper if possible. Include pictures of your parents throughout their lives together in the decoration plans and include a display of the wedding dress, wedding photo album and include a sign-in book. Use plenty of gold accents such as candlestick holders, dishes trimmed in gold and napkins wrapped in golden ribbon. Be sure to plan photographs at the party too.

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Mark this momentous occasion with the perfect gift. Place a photograph of the happy couple and their family in a golden photo frame. Purchase tickets for a sporting event, concert or long awaited vacation; consider gift certificates to a favorite restaurant or theater. Wrap the tickets or gift you purchase with a gold ribbon. Golden jewelry for your mom and a gold watch or keychain for your dad would also be appropriate gifts.


Compile Memories

Create a photo album or a video for your parents to celebrate this special day. Compile photographs from every stage of your parents' lives from dating to the wedding, as young parents and growing older. Place them into a photo album or create a scrapbook. Sort through old home movies and make a collection of these in the same way, including all stages of life. At a party, use a video camera to record each guest's memories or messages to the guests of honor. Photos and videos can also be saved on a CD to give as party favors to friends and family members. Ask each family member to write a memory, poem or letter to your parents and compile them into a book that they will treasure for years to come.


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