The Best Paint Colors for a Small Condo

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Deep colors make small spaces feel grand.
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Condominiums are notorious for their convenience and their compact style. Many homeowners find the lack of small and smaller quarters challenging to decorate, especially when it comes to choosing paint colors. When choosing colors, its best to consider how all the areas of the condo work together and always select colors that are pleasing to you. Gone are the days of decorating small spaces with white. When you know how to use colors effectively, there are no rules for painting small condos.


Natural Neutrals

Neutral colors are a favorite choice for many condo owners.
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Neutral colors are favorite choices for many condo owners because they are warm and cozy. When thinking of neutral colors, think of your decor and what colors will best accentuate it. Light beige colors look good with almost any decorating style, and they don't make small spaces feel cramped. Try straw or ochre for colors to warm and brighten your rooms at the same time.


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Soothing Blues

Blue hues are relaxing and calming.
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The relaxing colors of the sea evoke the same soothing mood in small rooms. Blue comes in many shades, and many of the lighter shades with gray undertones open up areas and make them feel roomier. Light shades of blue reflect light and, depending on the amount of light that enters the room, brightens rooms. Other alternatives include the green hues of blue, such as sea foam green, which will energize rooms.


Warming Yellows

Yellow can brighten any space.
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Yellow comes in a variety of shades that will brighten and warm any small space. Because the color is like sunshine, it makes rooms feel somewhat larger than they are, according to decorator Jennifer Garrigues. Shades of the color include green undertones, which increase the essence of bringing sunlight into rooms. Reddish and brown undertones will blend well with wood furniture and accessories.


Daring Darks

Dare to go dark.
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While it seems to go against all decorating rules, dark colors in smaller rooms can be a good thing. Rich, luxurious colors make rooms of any size feel grand, and this is emphasized within smaller spaces, says decorator Nancy Boszhardt. The key to making this idea work in small condo spaces is to paint moldings the same color as the walls to create a sense of unity. Opt for a different finish on molding for an added shimmer but keep the colors alike.



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