Simple Space Costume Ideas

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Attaching sparkly pipe cleaners to a face mask is a quick way to transform into a space alien.

Space costumes can take several different forms. Kids who are fascinated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's space programs will most likely choose an astronaut costume, while sci-fi fans are likely to dress as aliens. Use commonly found objects to create a space-themed costume from your imagination or one from your favorite space-based movie or television show.


Alien Costume Ideas

If you have own a pair of green or purple sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt, you have the makings of a green alien costume. Use thin cardboard, such as from a cereal box, to make an alien mask. Cut an appropriate shape from the cardboard and apply glow-in-the-dark paint to give the mask an alien appearance. Alternately, you can apply face paint and stick googly eyes on your forehead. Pipe cleaners and pom poms can be used to create antennae. Build your costume all the way down to your hands by altering a pair of canvas work gloves to make it appear as though you have only three fingers.


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Astronaut Space Costume Ideas

Space enthusiasts will enjoy dressing up as astronauts. Start with a white base outfit. Tuck your pants into red rubber boots or a pair of snow boots. Place patriotic stickers down the sides of the outfit's arms and legs to give it a space suit look. Convert a white bucket into a helmet. A large American flag finishes the outfit.


Space Robot

A space robot costume can be made from common household items. Gather shiny objects, kitchen appliances and bike reflectors. A sweatsuit in gray or black can be used as the base of the costume. Use duct tape to attach aluminum pans to the back and chest. Lengths of dryer duct or shoeboxes painted silver can be placed over your arms and legs to complete your robotic transformation.


Outer Space

Moon, planet, stars and comet costumes can be made inexpensively. Cut a large shape from a piece of heavy cardboard and paint it to look like a space object. Use a utility knife to cut a hole for your face. Painting your face with glitter or a matching color to the object in question will ensure that you become the space entity. If you wear an entirely black outfit, including black gloves and black socks, the space object will be more highlighted.


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