Poulan 2900 Specs

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The Poulan, Poulan Pro, and Weed Eater brands are well-known on outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, chainsaws and riding mowers. In addition to gas powered outdoor tools and equipment, the company also offers a line of electric equipment including trimmers, tillers and leaf blowers. The Poulan 2900 is an older model gas powered chainsaw, also known as the Poulan Farmhand 2900.


Engine and Fuel

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The engine powerhead weighs 10 pounds. The one-cylinder engine is 2.8 cubic inches, and its fuel tank capacity is 13.9 fluid ounces. The engine is certified to be compliant with emissions regulations for 125 hours, which is considered an intermediate rating. The length of the fuel line is 22 ½ inches. The inside diameter of the line is 5/64 inch.The automatic oil pump is gear driven, and the unleaded gasoline-to-engine oil mixture ratio is 40 to 1.

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The 16-inch chain model is 20 pounds with 66 drive links. The 18-inch chain model is 20 pounds and has 72 drive links. It is normal for chainsaw chains to stretch during the first half-hour of use. Chain tensions should be checked frequently.


Bar Guide

Double guard 3/8-inch bar guides are supplied and are 18 to 20 inches in length.The pitch of the guide bar is .325, while the gauge is 0.5. There are 72 drive lengths and seven sprocket teeth. Sprocket nose bars are preferred over standard solid nose bars because they produce 15 to 50 percent less kickback.


Safety Features

The Poulan 2900 chainsaw is equipped with safety features to reduce kickback. They include the reduced kickback guide bar with a smaller radius tip and a low kickback chain design. The automatic chain brake device, which activates with sudden movement, can also be manually activated to stop the chain in the event kickback occurs. The front hand guard is designed to lesson the chance that the user's hand will touch the chain if it slips off of the handlebar.



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