Suzuki 250 Quadrunner Specs

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The 250 Quadrunner is an ATV that Suzuki built to withstand some mud-slinging and general off-roading. It has a strong body frame, extra body equipment and a special air intake to keep up with this kind of driving. It also featured a regular transmission and sub-transmission that kept you going with smooth acceleration and shifting.


The Quadrunner has an electric starter and a recoil backup starter to fire up the one-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The air intake was positioned high on the ATV so you do not clog it with dirt and debris while you are out driving. Suzuki equipped the Quadrunner with a special Twin Dome Combustion Chamber that strengthened the performance of the engine.


The Suzuki 250 Quadrunner came with a five-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. In addition to the regular transmission, there was also a three-speed sub-transmission that helped shift between the gears. You could choose to drive this ATV in two-wheel drive, regular four-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive with front differential lock. The 250 Quadrunner had a front driveshaft with an integrated rear drive.


The 250 Quadrunner was 83.1 inches long, 44.5 inches wide and 41.9 inches tall. The wheelbase was 45.3 inches and the seat height was 31.5 inches. There was 7.9 inches of ground clearance under this ATV, and its dry weight was 557 pounds. The front brakes were hydraulic drums and the rear brakes are mechanical drums. The tires that fit this Suzuki were AT 22 x 8-10 for the front and AT 25 x 12-10 for the rear. The fuel capacity was 3.2 gallons.


The 250 Quadrunner featured front and rear shocks, with the front using an A-arm suspension and the rear using a diagonal swing axle suspension. Large fenders and fender extensions to help protect against splashing. There were large front and rear cargo racks attached to the Quadrunner to help haul items. There were also two 30-watt headlights mounted up front and twin fender-mounted taillights in the back.

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