16th Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

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There are many approaches to decorating a birthday cake.
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A boy's 16th birthday is a pretty big deal for him. From getting a part-time job to getting a driver's license, most teens look intensely forward to turning 16. When developing a design for a 16th birthday cake for a boy, think about his favorite hobbies and interests to give you a clue to the type of design that he would most like.


Movie/Video Game Themed

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Most teens have a slew of favorite movies they enjoy watching with friends. Likewise, you would be hard pressed to find a 16-year-old boy who doesn't own a Game Boy, Wii or other video game system. An excellent way to get a movie/video image onto a birthday cake is to take an image into a cake shop that has a machine that can print an edible photo design directly onto the cake. Alternatively, if you are an experienced cake decorator you can use a photo as a guide to duplicate the design in a rougher form.

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Sports Themed

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Whether your teen is a baseball fan or enjoys watching NASCAR, an excellent approach for a birthday cake is to create a design that both represents the sport and the number 16. For instance, for the baseball fan, a player hitting a home run wearing the number 16 on his uniform or 16 players on the field is an excellent way of signifying his 16th birthday. For a NASCAR-themed cake, a race car numbered 16 with driver inside is ideal.


Favorite Hobbies/Interests

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Draw inspiration for your boy's 16th birthday cake design by looking at his hobbies and interests. For example, if your teen plays a mean guitar, create (or order) a cake design with a boy rocking out as he plays. Add a 16 to a t-shirt the guitarist is wearing in your design. If your teen is an avid surfer, try a photo of him on the beach with a surfboard in hand, along with 16 surfboards, each numbered, framing the image. Again, select a cake designer that has equipment that can transform your photo into a cake decoration.



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