Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

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A homemade gift shows your mom that you think she is worth the time and effort it takes to craft a birthday present. Even inexperienced crafters can create a simple and thoughtful homemade gift for mom's birthday. Choose a project that is both practical and sentimental to delight mom on her special day.


Edible Gifts

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If you know your way around the kitchen, an edible gift is a thoughtful and delicious option for a homemade gift for mom's birthday. If your mom has a sweet tooth, make her a personalized cake or cookie to enjoy after her birthday dinner. Frost a large sheet cake and pipe a written list of the top 10 reasons you love your mom for a creative decoration option. Use royal icing to frost simple sugar cookies with your mom's name, date of birth or age; wrap them in colored cellophane for a pretty presentation. For something more long lasting, create your own infused cooking oils. Fill several mason jars with olive oil and several sprigs of fresh herbs, minced garlic or seasonings; transfer the oil to decorative glass oil bottles hand painted with her name and a loving birthday message.


Photos and Frames

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Photo gifts are sentimental and nostalgic options for gifts for mom on her birthday. Create a photo collage that features images from mom's childhood and recent pictures of her own children; coat the final piece in decoupage or shellac and place it in a frame for protection. For even more personalization, create or decorate your own frames. Recycle an older picture frame with a coat of fresh paint and embellishments like dried flowers, rhinestones or beads. Create a useful photo gift with some laminate sheets and old photographs. Line several photographs onto a piece of sturdy construction paper or cloth. Cover both sides of the craft with adhesive laminate sheets, or run the entire piece through a laminating machine to create personalized and functional table mats for use at mom's birthday dinner.


Fabric Gifts

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Fabric gifts typically require more time and skill than other types of crafts for mom's birthday, but the end result is a useful and beautiful item that demonstrates your appreciation for your mom's hard work. If you have any knitting or crocheting ability, consider creating a potholder or decorative towel for mom's kitchen. Stitch the piece in her favorite color or, if you have considerable skill, knit her name into the pattern. A small patchwork quilt made from fabrics of her old clothes or your old baby blanket is also a thoughtful option. If you feel timid about tackling a fabric craft, consider altering an existing piece to personalize it for mom. For example, embroider her existing pillowcases with her name and a loving message. You may also opt to create a simple fabric bookmark; simply cut a piece of scrap fabric to size and embellish it with embroidery, buttons, ribbons or even iron-on decals.