Female Nerd Costume Ideas (DIY)

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A female DIY nerd costume is easy to pull off simply by hitting the racks at the nearest thrift store and raiding your own closet for a few items that are too small or quite outdated. Look for a few key items that scream nerdy, for instance — a ​Marvel comics T-shirt, a plaid skirt or pants, a cardigan sweater that's well worn and, of course, nerd glasses​.


The key to that nerdy look is that nothing really goes together all that well. Once you dress up in full attire, you should look like you're ready to hit the books at the library when you're really on your way to a Halloween party.

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Nerdy clothing is key

Look through your closet to see if anything qualifies as geeky or nerdy. While any item on its own might not seem like geek material, it's often a matter of what you wear it with.


For instance, a Marvel comic book hero on a T-shirt is somewhat geeky, but when it's paired with corduroys, plaid shorts, a plaid skirt or plaid pants, it becomes a key part of a nerd outfit. If you have access to an older sibling or your parents' closets, look for clothing elements long out of fashion or for a retro cardigan sweater that doesn't quite fit and that's pilling and full of fuzz balls.


A schoolgirl costume is also easily updated into a last-minute nerd costume:

  • Top.​ If the top has lots of buttons, button them into the wrong button holes and wear a geeky Star Wars or anime T-shirt underneath.
  • Pants.​ If you're wearing pants, they should be too short or hiked up much higher than you'd normally wear them so that your socks show.
  • Socks.​ Wear socks that are all stretched out and droopy, like old knee socks or mismatched tube socks.
  • Shoes​. Wear shoes that are scuffed and rather plain.


Any nerd Halloween costume elements you can't find in your home are easily found in a thrift store, simply by looking for pieces that are outdated or a tad too small or too big for you. Your choices are even more nerdy if the colors don't go together.

Nerd costume accessories

Accessorizing your cosplay outfit with nerd accessories is just as much fun as picking out the apparel.


  • Nerd glasses.​ Black glasses with a piece of light-colored tape wrapped around the nose bridge simply screams nerdiness.
  • School supplies.​ If your shirt has a chest pocket on it, as it may if you're going for a science-interested nerd or geek costume, add a pocket protector, a few pens and a short ruler, thermometer or whatever you have on hand that might be used in a lab.
  • Suspenders.​ Add suspenders to your outfit and clip on a few pins featuring Wonder Woman, your favorite constellation or the scientific elements. You can also throw on a bow tie for added effect.
  • Books.​ Carry around some educational books, an old briefcase or portfolio or an assortment of comic books.
  • Pigtails.​ Wear pigtails even if your hair is a bit too short for it normally and make sure the pigtails aren't quite symmetrical.

Get a friend or two to join in on the fun for a nerdy couples costume or group costume and you're ready for the Halloween party.



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