Female Nerd Costume Ideas

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Are you ready to get nerdy for your next costume party? Female nerd costumes are easy to create and perfect for Halloween parties. Dressing up as a nerd can be exciting. From the clothing to the accessories, find the perfect nerd costume before heading out for your next party.


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Fixing nerdy hair consists of a lot of hair gel. If you have long hair, put your hair in pigtails or in a straight down ponytail. Be sure to use hair gel to slick your hair down before putting it up. If you have short hair, part your hair down the middle and slick straight down. Put small bows on each side of your head.



Females can wear a skirt or pants when dressing as a nerd. Wear a plaid skirt that is medium in length so you can pull it up really high around your waist (at least above your navel). If you want to wear pants, be sure they are a couple of inches too short (also known as "floods"). Whether you are wearing pants or a skirt, be sure to wear a white, button-up shirt. Button the buttons on the shirt crooked and wear a bow tie. Put on mid-calf white socks and for shoes, wear either penny loafers or plain black dress shoes.


If you want to go as a sexy female nerd, tie your shirt in the middle a little higher than your belly button to show off some skin.


Two accessories that are necessary for any nerd costume are thick glasses with tape and suspenders. Wear suspenders whether you are wearing a skirt or pants. Take a pair of the thickest glasses you can find a put tape either in the middle of the glasses or on the corners. If you don't have any tape for your glasses, use band-aids. The thickest frame glasses are usually sunglasses. Purchase a pair of cheap sunglasses and pop out the lenses.


Extra accessories that are perfect for any nerd costume include a large calculator, big books to carry under your arm, an over-sized briefcase, large backpack, a ruler, pocket protector and a large-faced watch.

If you want to be a toothless nerd, take your finger and dry off the tooth you want to black out. Use black eyeliner to color the tooth black. This will appear as if you were missing a tooth.