Game Ideas for a Hawaiian Party

The Hawaiian Islands represent many things to many people, but in general people associate the islands with such pleasant things as honeymoons and vacations. Anyone who loves Hawaii will enjoy a party with a Hawaiian theme. Adding some tropical games to your next Hawaiian party will help to make the fun complete.

Leis make good game prizes for a Hawaiian party.


Get some lively Hawaiian music playing and grab a piece of bamboo or a stick about three to four feet long. Two people hold the stick, starting at about waist high, and players dance under it, one at a time. To do the limbo, lean backwards, bend your knees and lower yourself so that you pass under the limbo stick without touching it, your back above and clear of the ground and your face pointing upward. Once everyone has passed under the stick at one height it should be lowered. This is repeated until only one player is able to make it under the stick, and he becomes the limbo champion for the night.

Name Game

As people arrive, give each person a name tag with his name in both English and Hawaiian. Websites that provide translations are available online to help you find Hawaiian names for everybody. Be sure each person wears her name tag, and encourage the guests to mingle and learn each other's Hawaiian names. Later in the party, ask everyone to remove their name tags. Have each guest try to identify everyone by using only the Hawaiian names. The person who remembers the most is the winner.

Hula Hoop Contest

The object of this game is to keep the hula hoop spinning around your waist for as long as possible. Use some Hawaiian hula music for the background and give each guest a chance to see how long he can work a hula hoop before it falls to the ground. If you have a variety of age groups divide players by age. Each age group can compete among themselves or against the other age groups. Other ways to make a hula hoop contest more interesting are to award points for style in addition to timing how long a person can keep the hoop from falling. If you have a large group, break everybody up into teams of three or four people, and have two teams hula-hooping at the same time. Whichever team has the last player spinning her hoop is the winner of the round. They will compete against the next team to determine the overall winner.