Fear Factor Party Ideas with a Halloween Theme

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While grapes may not seem particularly frightening, peel them and you have instant eyeballs.

While ghoulish get-ups and devilish decorations can help make a Halloween party memorable, nothing contributes to a thrilling, bone-chilling, atmosphere like a Fear Factor party. Fear Factor, a game show that pits contestants against a variety of different scary scenarios, is the perfect compliment to Halloween, a holiday that is devoted to spookiness. If you are thinking of hosting a Fear Factor party with a Halloween theme, there are several ideas that can help.


What’s in the Bag?

This party idea requires that set you set up a number of plastic bags or bowls containing various gross and gruesome items. Some ideas include using peeled grapes as eyeballs, gelatin or boiled cauliflower as brains, and cooked noodles as worms, intestines or veins. Hide each of these items inside of a paper bag or other opaque container and label them with their "spooky" names. Guests can then, if they are feeling daring, reach in to each bag and give the items a feel. Part of the fun will be having them guess what ingredients you used.


Video of the Day

Mystery Concoction Boat Race

A boat race is a drinking a game wherein one member of each team must finish his entire drink, as fast as possible, before the next player can begin drinking his. The team that finishes all of its drinks first, in this sequential manner, wins. To give this game a spooky, sinister and Fear Factor-inspired twist, Party Pop recommends that all of the players drink the same, mysterious beverage, which you can label "poison" or "blood". Of course, the mystery concoction cannot contain harmful ingredients, but that does not mean it has to taste good. Some ideas include blending up beets, beans and other vegetables known for having bitter, undesirable tastes.


Finger Foods?

Tempt your guests with platters of snacks that resemble human fingers. Don't tell the guests what they actually are: stick to the story that they are real fingers: a delectable Halloween treat that your family has passed down for generations. As Top Party Ideas notes, one option is to make your fingers out of mini carrots. Use a utility knife to carve out some knuckles, and then bake the carrots in the oven. Drizzle on some red jam to make them appear bloody. Alternatively, you could bake a batch of finger-shaped cookies, with food coloring for fingernails and red frosting for blood. Some other equally disgusting options include earwax-covered cotton swabs, which are actually mini marshmallows on lollipop sticks covered in butterscotch, and stuffed cockroaches, which are dates filled with nuts and cream cheese. Unlike with the bag guessing game, guests will be able to eat the items…assuming they are not afraid.


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