5 Fun Haunted House Ideas to Create for Kids

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Love Halloween and want to put together a haunted house, but your kids are still young and easily scared? Try these easy DIYs to make the frightful holiday delightful for the whole family!

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sensory bowls filled with candy hidden behind a panel
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Sensational Sensory Bowl

Ever stuck your hand into bowls filled with peeled grapes, chunky gelatin desserts or other sticky, tacky or clammy textured foods? It's a sure-fire way to get squeals of delight and horror out of your youngsters. Cut an access panel out of a tri-fold foam display board and decorate it with foam letters, colorful paper, and even paper zombie hands. Then place your prepared and perplexing foods on the other side of the display panel.

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a child balancing on wooden planks laid on top of blue tarp
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Pulse-Racing Plank Walk

Use a 10-foot long two-by-four as the beam, plus 12-inch scrap pieces of two-by-four to add height. Keep the design simple and straight, or make parallel diagonal cuts in your two-by-four and flip the outer two cut pieces before screwing them together. Screw the scrap pieces to the bottom ends of the balance beam to raise it off the ground securely. One piece of scrap two-by-four under each end of the beam is a great height for toddlers and young kids. Add more scrap pieces under the beam ends for bigger kids who seek death-defying plank walks!

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young girl with headband under normal lighting on the right with her face glowing purple on the left
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Frightful Florescent Flashlight Faces

Holding flashlights under your chin during spooky story time goes to the next level with face paint and an ultra-violet flashlight. Use bright white face paint or mix face paint with tonic water, which contains the UV-sensitive element quinine that glows blue. Alternatively, you can mix face paint with olive oil -- the fat within the oil can glow yellow to red! You can also make headbands with yarn and neon-colored washi tape to step up the glow during the black light fun!

Image Credit: Megan Andersen