Outdoor Party Game Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

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Amusing toddler-aged guests during a party can be a difficult feat. Little children require easy and short games because young children have a limited attention span. Outdoor games are suitable for toddlers because they typically involve physical movement, which helps little ones to release some energy. Choose outdoor games that are easy to play and require minimal preparation.


All Change

This simple game, which requires no preparation, is fun and easy for little ones to understand. It's best played in an area that has an adequate amount of space. The children should spread out in the space. A parent calls out the names of two children. When their names are called, these children must run and try to change places with one another. As they are running, the birthday child must try to run into one of the empty spots. If the birthday child fills a spot before it is occupied, the child who has lost his spot tries to steal a spot when the next round begins. If desired, each time a child successfully fills a vacant spot, he receives a small prize. The game ends once the children become bored.


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Water Balloon Catch

This entertaining game is perfect for warmer-weather parties. Before the party begins, fill up enough water balloons for each guest, as well as some extras to replace balloons that pop prematurely. Line the children up in two straight rows so they face one another. The younger the children, the more closely spaced together the two lines should be. Each child takes a turn down the line tossing his balloon to the guest directly across from him. Once a balloon is dropped and breaks, the children tossing it are out. If the balloon does not break, the pair stays in the game. A variation of the game is to draw a target on the pavement and move down the line to give each child a chance to hit the target with the water balloon. The game continues until only one pair is left.


Bubble Mania

This game uses bubbles, a childhood favorite, and is appropriate for toddlers, who may prefer a less-structured activity. The children gather outside to watch a few adults blow bubbles. It is even more fun if several types of bubble makers are going at once, so the sizes of the bubbles vary. Children can see how many bubbles they can pop before a timer goes off after one or two minutes. Younger children enjoy trying to find the biggest bubble or seeing how high the bubbles can fly. If desired, the guest who pops the most bubbles can win a small prize.


Broken Bridge

This game lets party guests run around the yard. Adults should tell the children that two long pieces of string lying on the ground is a stream bank. A wide plank of wood that connects the two pieces of string serves as a bridge. The children run around the yard and cross the "stream" using the bridge. Have an adult stand with her back turned to the bridge and stream, and every once in a while unexpectedly yell "Splash!" Any child found on the bridge when "Splash!" is shouted is out for the remainder of the game. The last child to remain in the game wins.



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