Good Tiebreaker Questions for Bridal Shower Games

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Leftover ribbons and cake from a bridal shower party.

Games are often incorporated into bridal showers to break the ice, introduce guests to each other and keep everyone at the party engaged. Prizes and presents may be awarded to winners, which encourages friendly competition. In a perfect world, a single, clear winner will emerge from each game. In the real world, it's necessary to have a list of good tiebreaker questions.


Questions About the Bride

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Write a list of tiebreaker questions regarding the bride before the party begins, and refer to the list as necessary. Consult with the bride on all answers. The guest who correctly answers the question wins. If both tied guests answer the question correctly, keep asking questions until only one provides the right answer.


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Questions which are specific to the bride may include her age, her number of tattoos or piercings, her eye color, her height, her favorite color, her shoe size, where she works and what kind of car she drives.

Guess the Number

Break ties by asking guests a simple math question that will test their knowledge of the happy couple and their addition skills. Ask the tied guests to add the ages of the bride and groom together; the person who gets closest to the correct sum is the winner. Use a second addition problem as an extra tiebreaker if needed: ask guests to add together the day of the month when the bride and groom were born.


Questions About the Couple

The bridal shower is about a newly engaged couple and not just about the bride, so include the groom in tiebreaker questions. Create a list of questions and answers specific to the couple being celebrated, Ask guests where the proposal took place, where the couple first met, how long the couple has been dating and where the couple is going on their honeymoon. Of course, it's a good idea to consult with the bride and groom on the questions and answers.


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