4 Month Anniversary Ideas

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Although a four-month anniversary may not mean much for couples who have been together for years, but it can represent a milestone for teenagers or people who have recently just begun dating. While four months is not a long time for some, others find that this anniversary needs to be celebrated and remembered.


Homemade CD or Playlist

If you and your partner often listen to music or go to concerts together, an ideal anniversary present is a homemade CD or a personalized playlist for an MP3 player. If you do not go to concerts with your partner but know her musical taste, you can create a CD or list of songs that remind you of her. Include a card that explains the reason for choosing each tune.


Video of the Day

Photo Memory Book

Create a picture book filled with memories created over the past four months of your relationship. You can simply purchase a notebook at your local craft store and print digital pictures for the book. Glue them into the memory book and write small notes about each picture. This can include the date, the location, the event and your thoughts on the event.


Chocolates and Flowers

Chocolate or flowers are traditional romantic gifts to give on anniversaries. While flowers are more feminine, chocolate can suit both men and women. If you want to be traditional but romantic at the same time, get your partner some delicious chocolates or colorful flowers.


Plan a Date Day

If you have little funds for your four-month anniversary, you can plan a cheap date day by taking your partner to a local park. Plan a day of fun with Frisbees, tossing a football around, renting a rowing boat or canoe for a sail on the lake and pack a picnic for a delicious lunch in the park. Use things you can find in your kitchen to create a salads, fruit salads, dips and crackers for the picnic.


Symbolic Presents

Smaller presents can be symbolic, if you explain their symbolic meaning to your partner. For example, a stuffed animal can keep your partner company when you are not there and a watch can remind your partner of you every time he looks at it to check the time. Symbolic presents do not have to be expensive, as it is often the meaning of them that is valuable to your partner.