Games to Play at a 40th Birthday Party

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Birthday games add a touch of fun to the occasion.

Milestone birthdays are momentous occasions in someone's life. Celebrating this special time can be sentimental, as well as entertaining, when you play appropriate games during the party. Many enjoyable 40th birthday games require minimal preparation and still provide a great deal of amusement for both the guest of honor and his partygoers.


Guess the Decade

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The guest of honor has lived through four decades and this game will see just how much she and everyone else can remember from that. As stated by, you can personalize it to suit the birthday person. Compile a list before the party of popular crazes and fads from each of the last four decades. Have the list on individual pieces of paper in a box. Participants divide into two teams, pick slips and try to identify the decade from which the trend originated. The team with the most correct answers wins.

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Guess the Age

This amusing game is sure to have both the guest of honor and the partygoers laughing. Collect at least 25 pictures of the birthday celebrant. Pictures can either be candid or posed, according to the website Celebrations. They must come from different times in the guest of honor's life, from childhood to the present. You can arrange pictures on a table or project them onto a screen.


Guests must correctly identify the age of the guest of honor when each picture was taken. Partygoers and the birthday celebrant will enjoy walking down memory lane as each picture is shown. The most correct guesses wins the game.


Decade trivia lets the partygoers show how much they know about the decade in which the guest of honor was born. Devise the list focusing on culture, politics, movies, music, fashion or any other relevant topic from the decade. Divide the party into two teams and give a point for each correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Birthday Balloons

Pop goes the birthday balloon will bring out the inner child in everyone at the party. Divide the partygoers into different teams, keeping them small because the game works best with fewer than five per team, according to Blow up 40 balloons of the same color for each team and toss all of the balloons randomly throughout the room.


The game begins with team members rushing to pop all of their own balloons by sitting on them. The winner is either the team that pops its balloons first or the team that has popped the most balloons at the end of a certain time.



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