The Best Party Games for 14-Year-Old Girls

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Entertaining a group of young teenage girls during a birthday party is a challenge for many parents. Finding games that are fun and suitable for young teenage girls, while at the same time are not too silly or babyish, can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many party games that require minimal preparation yet still provide a great deal of age-appropriate entertainment for the party-goers.


Spin the Nailpolish

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spin the nailpolish
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This entertaining game adds a fun twist to the more traditional Spin the Bottle. The use of nail polish, a favorite of most teenagers, makes this game particularly appropriate for 14-year-old girls. The girls sit in a circle with an array of nail polish colors placed in the middle. Starting with the birthday girl, each party-goer chooses a color and spins the bottle. Once the bottle stops spinning, the girl that has the bottle's cap pointed toward her has to paint one fingernail. This continues until each girl has her fingernails painted a variety of colors. To extend the game, the girls can also paint their toenails, as suggested by Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.

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Follow the Leader

follow the leader
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This amusing game does not require any outside supplies, but it is sure to keep the party-goers laughing, as stated by Kids Party Cabin. To start, one person is asked to leave the room, and while this person is away, the rest of the group designates a "leader." The other player is asked to come back, and she must then guess who is acting as the leader. The leader chooses a funny action to perform, such as pulling her ear or scratching her head, and the rest of the group must follow her actions. She periodically switches the action, and the other players instantly mimic her. While this is going on, the chosen player has to keep a sharp eye to determine who is acting as the leader. Once the player finds the leader, she leaves the room and the group chooses the next leader.


I Never

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Give each of the girls 20 pieces of candy. As suggested by Party 411, jellybeans work well for this game. The game begins with the birthday girl making an accurate statement about herself, starting with the phrase, "I never." Each time the statement is not true for a particular girl, she must eat a jellybean. This continues until each girl has had at least one turn, although the game can be extended by giving each girl two or three turns. The person who ends up with the most candy at the end of the game wins.


Girlie Ball

girlie ball
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This game allows the girls to learn a little bit about each other while having a lot of fun. Using a permanent marker, write at least 15 questions on an inflatable beach ball. As suggested by Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids, questions can focus on specific likes, dislikes, funny habits, favorite things or secret crushes. Sit the girls in a circle and have the birthday girl throw the ball to one of her guests. Whoever catches the ball must then answer the question located closest to or touching her right thumb.