Christian Christmas Party Themes & Ideas

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Celebrate the true joy of the season.

The Christmas holiday season brings plenty of traditional images to mind: twinkling lights on decorated trees, mugs of hot chocolate and eggnog, stockings hung from the fireplace and a jolly old man with a sack full of gifts. But for Christians who want to celebrate the true significance of Christmas, it's not just about the gifts and merriment. Christians celebrate Christmas as the joyous birth of Jesus Christ. Rather than hosting a traditional Christmas party, you might want to consider a more creative Christian Christmas party theme.


Birthday Party for Jesus

You could celebrate the holiday by hosting a birthday party for Jesus. Send out birthday party invitations to family and friends -- and decorate your home with traditional birthday decorations like balloons and streamers. Play traditional party games with a Christian twist. For example, print bingo cards with religious symbols or a trivia game with popular bible verses. Rather than serving a traditional Christmas dinner, serve hot dogs, hamburgers and other party foods. Ask each guest to bring a "birthday gift" for Jesus, which you can donate to a local shelter or church. Gift ideas might include clothing, shoes, blankets and basic necessities. As the end of the birthday party draws near, sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus around a birthday cake. Allow the kids to participate in the occasion by blowing out the candles.


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Nativity Scene

Host a nativity party for your Christian Christmas celebration and reenact the first Christmas nativity. Ask guests to come dressed as shepherds with long robes and sandals. If you have a barn, use it as the setting for your party. If not, convert your family room into a nativity scene with straw-colored rugs, a manger, a makeshift barn and bright stars hung on the walls and ceiling. Ask the children to participate in your nativity scene by playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, the three wise men and the little drummer boy. Do not worry about giving each child specific lines. Instead, simply read the Nativity story to them first -- and then ask them to bring the story to life in their own words. After the Nativity reenactment, provide warm snacks and beverages and ask party guests to share their favorite Christmas memories.


Gingerbread Mangers

Building gingerbread houses is a fun tradition for the Christmas holiday. To add a Christian twist to the activity, use gingerbread to build a manger scene. At your Christian Christmas party, set up a long table for manger-making. Provide party guests with all the ingredients they need. They can make mangers from graham crackers, and use icing as "glue" to hold the pieces together. Roofing and flooring materials might include shredded wheat cereal, puffed rice cereal, pretzel rods, sliced almonds, shredded coconut or various candies. Animal cookies in various shapes can serve as the barn's inhabitants, while they can use a miniature marshmallow with a jellybean for baby Jesus. Have them ice actual gingerbread men cookies to look like Mary and Joseph. Once everyone creates their gingerbread mangers, allow the icing to harden before moving the structures. Take pictures to commemorate your guests' hard work and send them home with their creations.



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