Art Activities to Do With Mentally Retarded Children

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Some children can do more than others.

Mentally handicapped children still enjoy art activities and crafts just like any other child. However, these children may need to help with certain aspects of the craft due to their impairment. Choose simple crafts that you think the children might enjoy. Art activities that are too challenging may only frustrated the child. The goal is to help them enjoy creative expression through art. Many handicapped children can still participate in craft projects that preschoolers enjoy. Every child is an individual and some kids can do more than others.


Sticker Collage

A sticker collage is a simple craft for an adult, but a mentally handicapped child might find this craft exciting. Buy large colorful card stock paper and sticker packs. Help the children make their own sticker collages by placing stickers on the paper. You can help them make shapes using stickers or just place the stickers in random places. This craft encourages them to create something and use their hands which is beneficial for their hand-eye coordination.


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Painting is another craft that mentally handicapped children can usually do on their own. Buy non-toxic paint and white paper. Lay newspaper or other paper down on a table to protect the surface because some children might make quite a mess. You can control the mess by only giving them a small amount of a paint at a time. This craft may not work well for all handicapped children. Help the children make shapes, landscapes and other designs. Teach them about different colors and stimulate their brains by showing them pictures of landscapes or other objects that they can paint.


Pressed Flower Leaf and Nature Collage

Go the craft store and buy pressed flowers and colorful card stock paper. Help the children collect fall leaves, small sticks and rocks. Show the children how to glue each item on their paper to create shapes or designs. The kids can also glue these objects randomly on the page. The idea is to encourage them to create something from nature. Handicapped children will enjoy feeling the various textures of rocks, sticks and dry leaves from outdoors. The pressed flowers add a bit of color to their work as well.



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